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Beijing IBOSS Furniture Co., Ltd. was establishedin 1989. Its registered capital reaches 100.8 million RMB. It is a professionalfurniture manufacture company integrated with design, R&D, production,sales and domestic and foreign trade as a whole. The company has threefurniture brands of IBOSS, APAC and ASUNNY. Its headquarters is situated at BiologicalMedicine Industry Base of Daxing District in Beijing Cityand covers about 130,000 square meters in area. Its products are sold to America, France,Germanyand other over 60 countries and areas in the five continents. Its annualproduction capacity value reaches 520 million RMB.

The company implements strict inspection and sortmanagement into raw materials and products. The warehouse district, with nearlyten thousand square meters in area, has fabric storehouse, plate materialstorehouse, hardware component storehouse, oil gas storehouse and finishedproduct storehouse. It establishes strict product in-and-out warehouse system,and requires that unqualified products mustn’t be stored, and that clothproducts in labeled storehouse in specific category can have priority to comein and out.

The production processshould be operated in strict according with technical production flow. Rawmaterials adopt environmental labeled products and private civil products fromthe government procurement enterprise list; wooden furniture adopts thetechnical manufacture process of solid wood edge banding and six-coatingpainting from bottom to top; artificial plate material strictly meets the technicalrequirements of edge banding treatment and edge banding before drilling to thedouble decoration sides and four hidden parts.

The company’s quality inspectiondepartment implements careful and rigorous inspection into the process from rawmaterial to finished products according to national quality standards andindustrial quality standards. Unqualified products can not be stored, transferredto the next working procedure and delivered out of the factory. The departmentguarantees the ex-factory finished product qualification rate of 100% and one-timepass rate of 98%.

Advanced equipment is the powerful guarantee forquality and environmental protection. For many years, the company has investeda large amount of fund to introduce a large group of complete German andItalian advanced furniture production line equipment, including Italian SCMautomatic computer-based numerically-controlled plate material dividing saw,German Homag CNC processing center fully-automatic edge bonding machine and multi-drillin six lines, and other 14 units of advanced equipment.

IBOASS has over 800 staff members, over 130managerial personnel and over 160 technical personnel, among whom there are twodoctors and over 50 undergraduates. The company regularly holds top meeting anddepartment meeting, advocates all staff to participate in related policies suchas R&D, production, quality inspection and customer service. Complete rulesand regulations are the strong guarantee for enterprise’s normal operation andproduct quality.

The company designs products and their package atthe same time. To effectively protect products, after passing the inspection,finished furniture are sorted by packaging tools and different furniturecomponents in packaging workshop, and put into corresponding packaging cases. Toguarantee smooth transportation, the operation department will cooperate withrelated departments and establish the optimal transportation solution ahead bya week. We choose special green environmental-protection vehicle for directtransportation.

 The company hasestablished a series of energy-saving and environmental-protection methods inproduction link, including the recycling industrial water. Buildrainwater-gathering pool to reasonably save and use water, electric power, coaland other resources; the ceilings of factory building workshops and officeworkshops adopt glass day-lighting method, and use energy-saving lamps for illuminationand electric power conservation. Its production link uses single machine fordust-free treatment instead of using centralized dust-free equipment.

The company highly values design R&D andinnovation. It invests some R&D funds and develops nearly 90 new varietiesof products every year. In 2011, it launched wax oil free of formaldehyde, benzene,methylbenzene and dimethylbenzene. In 2012, it launched compound solid-woodsenior office series of products without the use of medium density fiberboardand chipboard, and implemented environmental-protection concept in the aspectsof raw material and production technology.

The company has firstly passed quality,environmental and occupational health safety management system certificationsand Chinese environmental labeling product certification. It has valued intellectualproperty right protection, applied for nearly 20 patents and won over 80honored certificates.

Top products require for top display platform. In2004, IBOSS built the product exhibition hall in 2004 with 5,000 square metersin a floor area and 8,000 square meters in area. It now becomes the company’s comprehensivebrand flagship product exhibition hall. The products cover office furniture,hotel furniture and civil furniture.

IBOSS will implementhigh-quality and environmental-protection concept and win a broader developmentspace.